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Owner’s Roadside Assistance

Every new Carado purchased includes two years of roadside RV assistance for free!

Owners are provided roadside assistance services throughout North America, including Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii.

  • Unlimited locator dealer assistance –  In an unfamiliar territory, where do you go for service should the need arise? We’ll assist in finding the closest, qualified service facility.

  • Technical support and roadside assistance –  Features 24/7 technical assistance from our staff of certified technicians who speak directly with you to troubleshoot operational issues. Should you need emergency roadside assistance, our vast network of service providers offers a wide range of services to handle your unique RV.

  • Unlimited jump-starts –  A jump-start for your vehicle’s dead battery.

  • Unlimited locksmith/lockout service – Delivery of locksmith services to unlock your vehicle and/or obtain a replacement key. You will be responsible for all parts and labor.

  • Unlimited tire assistance – Changing of your vehicle’s flat tire using the vehicle’s good mounted and inflated spare tire. If a spare is not available we may deliver a comparable tire to the disablement site (based on availability), or tow to the nearest qualified repair facility. You will be responsible for all parts, labor & disposal fees.

  • Unlimited delivery of fuel and emergency fluids – Fuel, oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid delivered to your disabled vehicle, as necessary to remedy the disablement. You will be responsible for the cost of the fluids.

  • Unlimited towing – Towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.

  • Unlimited mobile mechanic – Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of your mechanically disabled vehicle. You will be responsible for all costs.

  • Personal assistance/concierge services – You will have access to a full range of services to make life easier:

    • Car rental and car return
    • Turn-by-turn driving directions
    • Road closures, traffic and weather reports
    • Pharmacy, hospital, emergency care locator service
    • RV Campground referrals
    • RV storage facility locators
    • Wireless device assistance
    • Golf course tee time reservations
    • ATM & Business locators
    • Ticket coordination (theater/music/sport)
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